Secondary School

Case Study

Secondary school achieves highest attendance rate for year 7 opening evening.

329 Website Referrals +93% Audience Reached 326 Clicks to Website


Project Detail.

A six week social media campaign designed to encourage parents of 7 to 11 year olds to attend Year 7 open evening, to raise awareness of the school in the target communities and communicate the school's key messages.

The Challenge

To establish a solid presence on Facebook on behalf of the school, raise their profile within the local community and build a social following within 6 weeks. To limit any unwanted activity, posting and tagging ability was restricted to page admins only and the profanity filter was set to strong.


The Strategy

After consultation I identified that the target audience was parent aged 22 to 50 with children between the ages of 7 to 11, living in a 20 km distance from the school. This separated my approach into two activities:

Implement PPC

Using paid for Facebook advertising to target identified audience, I created a suite of adverts designed to encourage and drive the social following on the school's Facebook page and to drive traffic to the open evening landing page on the school's website.

Raise Awareness

Using Facebook to raise awareness of the school, communicate its key messages and promote the open evening event. This included posting relevant content at optimum times, creation of event page and regular engagement with local community pages.

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