Travel Tour Operator

Case Study

Travel Tour Operator achieves 121% increase in website referrals from Twitter.

+234% Website Referrals +160% Social Following +71% Weekly Reach


Project Detail.

A Travel Tour Operator was looking to outsource the management and ongoing content creation for their social profiles, to push forward their online presence, increase brand awareness and increase traffic to their website.

The Challenge

With a social audience already established, the main challenge ahead was to increase the levels of engagement on the social profiles and to increase referrals to their website. Whilst continually growing the audience through the distribution of engaging content and by interacting with potential customers and industry influencers.


The Strategy

After consultation I identified the client's target audience as adults between the ages of 18-39 and the optimum posting times for their social profiles being between 11am - 9pm. The strategy consisted of two main objectives:

Increase Reach

Increase reach, engagement and traffic to website by creating engaging content for distribution via the social profiles. Content was to include details about special offers, upcoming events, tour destinations, travel quotes & travel tips.

Brand Awareness

Raise Brand Awareness by increasing the client's social presence through publishing engaging content twice daily to the clients social media profiles and by continual engagement with industry influencers, known affiliations and customers.

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